Sound of Music Festival 2019 – Kick Off Concert

Get ready for the Kick-Off Concert to start the Sound of Music Festival!


You don’t want to miss the event to start all events! With a killer line-up celebrating 40 years of the festival! Proceeds from the ticketed Kick Off show support free performances on the following Father’s Day Weekend.

We’re officially less than 1 week away from our amazing Kick-Off Concert on June 8th, 2019 in the incredible Spencer Smith Park!

At this time, we’d like to remind you of a few housekeeping items surrounding your day at the park. Our primary goal is to ensure a safe, and exciting experience for everyone, and with that in mind, we’ve put together a small list of frequently asked questions, and ask that you read them over to familiarize yourself with how the day will flow! We are beyond grateful that you chose to spend a day with us, and invest in the incredible festival that is, Sound of Music 2019. Without this kick-off, it would be a challenge to provide a further 8 days of free programming, so from our team to you, a heart felt thank you.

Lastly, before we get to the FAQs, we wanted to share that you’ll receive one more email on Thursday with any last minute updates.

CAN WE BRING LAWNCHAIRS? – Unfortunately no. Though a challenging decision, June 8th is a unique day that brings a very large crowd into a fenced in area, and though many would be happy to sit in their chairs at the back of the park, it would be very frustrating for all involved to have chairs dropped down in the middle of a very dense crowd. After the event this year, we’ll reassess this policy moving forward to guage the impact.

CAN WE BRING UMBRELLAS? – Unfortunately no. Our ability to guage what is deemed to be reasonable size and shape of these objects leaves too much to personal judgement. There will be ponchos for sale, and we recommend bringing rain gear if weather seems to be questionable that day.

CAN WE BRING A BAG / BACKPACK? – YES! One bag for personal items will be allowed per person. They will be searched at the gate, and are subject to random bag checks throughout the park all day/evening. Blankets, rain gear, wallets, and an empty reusable water bottle are all items deemed ok to bring in.

CAN WE BRING FOOD / DRINKS / COOLERS? – Unfortunately no. The entire fenced in area is licensed for the consumption of alcohol, and therefore outside drinks are not permitted. We want it to be a safe experience for everyone. There are food trucks on-site offering a variety of foods, pop, water, etc…

CAN WE BRING CAMERAS? – If it’s a small point and shoot that fits in your pocket, it’s ok. Anything deemed to be a professional camera (especially one requiring a lens to be attached) will not be permitted. Cell phones are allowed.

HOW CAN WE PAY FOR THINGS? – You will be able to pay cash, debit or credit for all festival related purchases. Food trucks and independent vendors however may not offer all options. For those purchases if needed, ATMs will be on site as well.

I NEED ACCOMODATIONS FOR ACCESSIBILITY, WHAT CAN I DO? – We have proudly partnered with Halton Social Capital Committee and are excited to offer accessibility seating on a pre-registered basis. Please click HERE for more information and to register. We recommend doing this early, as space is limited.

CAN WE COME IN AND OUT? – YES! In out privileges are available. Please ALWAYS have your ticket with you, and remember that intoxication is not tolerated, and you may be denied entry for such reasons. Upon re-entry, you’ll be subject to lineups and bag checks as though you were entering for the first time.


  1. Weather could change at any time, be prepared for both hot daytime and cooler night time and keep your eyes on the weather leading up to the event

  2. Spencer Smith Park is 100% no smoking / vaping / e-cigarettes. The festival is not responsible for any actions taken by authorities in enforcing this rule, including but not limited to fines, expulsion from event, or anything else deemed necessary. Please exit the park and re-enter if need be.

  3. Violence, aggressive behaviour, and any form of abuse will NOT be tolerated at any time, and may warrant expulsion from the premises. **Be a good human 🙂

  4. Absolutely no weapons, or outside alcohol, or illicit drugs will be permitted. An amnesty bin will be provided at the gate if you need to dispose of anything prior to entry.

  5. This is an outdoor concert and will be loud. Please wear ear protection when possible, and if you are bringing young childrend, we highly recommend purchasing proper headphones. **We want your kids to come back every year with good ears for great music!!

  6. Stobe lights, and various video and lighting effects will be possible throughout the show. Please be aware if medical conditions require avoidance of these things.

  7. If you purchased multiple tickets, we recommend sharing this with all in your group!

Lastly, we all want the same thing…a memorable, exciting experience for everyone. Music festivals are all about community, and good vibes, so we hope you all see it the same way we do. What better way to kick-off summer than with a big rock show on the shores of Lake Ontario!!


Your Friends at the Sound of Music Festival 2019