At least one of the major labels thinks we're not getting enough sleep and wants to help

I’ve had recurring bouts of insomnia this winter for no reason. I’ve tried everything: sleep teas, valerian root, magnesium, melatonin, Neo-Citran (along with other antihistamine-based sleep aids), special pillows, warm milk, counting sheep. Nothing has worked. The next step is something pharmaceutical, but I don’t want to go there.

Maybe what I need really need is some sleep music.

Friday, March 16, is World Sleep Day, the day we’re all supposed to think about how much proper shut-eye we’re getting–which, let’s face it, probably isn’t enough.

Universal Music, the biggest of the major labels, is most concerned that we’re not getting enough sleep. That’s the thinking behind “the world’s first sleep album led by scientific research,” which will be released that morning.

Sleep Better is a series of soundscapes that are supposed to “ease the brain into switching off and preparing for sleep, appealing to its natural cycles and circadian rhythms.”

The music is by producer and DJ Tom Middleton, who is also a “psychoacoustic researcher and sleep-science coach.” Sleep Better will be released as a CD, a download and as a stream through all the services.

Interesting fact: Sleep-inducing playlists do huge business as streams. Spotify’s “Sleep” has 2.3 million followers. Another, “Sleep Tight,” has more than half a million. And according to Universal, “sleep music” accounted for about 2% of all the label’s streaming plays.

You can try some of Tom’s music for yourself. Just make sure you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery.

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