REVIEW: Dan Auerbach & The Easy Eye Sound Revue @ The Danforth Music Hall

MARCH 30, 2018 – Last night, Dan Auerbach & The Easy Eye Sound Revue played at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. I almost double checked my calendar this morning, because my memories from last night felt more like a dream. A dream where I was shot back in time, and enjoyed the sweet sounds of Memphis-style blues without a single smartphone in sight. This in fact is not far from reality at all. 

Before I get into it, it should be noted that I’m a Black Keys fan primarily and knew little of Dan’s solo material before the show. Armed with the few songs I did know, a camera around my neck, and a beer in my hand I was ready for whatever Dan had in store. After all was said and done, I was overwhelmingly impressed with what I saw. It should be no surprise that the driving force in such a prolific band like The Black Keys can pull off a hell of a solo show. Any scepticism I had quickly vanished as the first few notes rang out in the music hall. 

The show started off with “Waiting on A Song”, “Malibu Man”, and “Living In Sin”, three strong tracks from Dan’s latest album. As the night went on, I noticed something rather unexpected. Although this was a Dan Auerbach solo concert, he wasn’t the only star on stage. He brought out guests Shannon Shaw from Shannon and the Clams (opening act) and Robert Finely to share vocal duties and add their own soulful contributions to the space-blues experience. They both graced the stage at different times during the show and brought something unique and inspiring. 

The crowd was very receptive to this occasional lineup change; in fact this was one of the most well behaved concert crowds I’ve ever seen! Whenever the band says “you guys are the best crowd of the tour so far”, I never believe them. Last night I did. I’m not kidding when I say I think I saw less than fifteen smartphones all night. They weren’t confiscated at the door or anything either – this was a special crowd that wanted nothing more than to be fully engaged with the performance. I don’t blame them either, since the show was truly spectacular.

You couldn’t help but dance along and get lost in the music. This is exactly what I look for in a show these days, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find. What Dan and co. brought to Toronto last night was a powerful and moving show that ripped people away from their glowing screens and gave them something real, if only for a couple of hours. Those people (myself included) are grateful and better off because of it. 

Thank you to LiveNation for making last night possible, and also to the artists for such a memorable night.

Full Setlist:

*With Shannon Shaw

** With Robert Finley

Waiting on a Song

Malibu Man

Living in Sin

Cherry Bomb

Pull Me Under Love

King of a One Horse Town

Cold Pillows *

Broke My Own *

Never in My Wildest Dreams

Trouble Waits For You

Medicine Woman **

Three Jumpers **

Holy Wine**


Trouble Weighs a Ton


Don’t Go To Strangers

Stand By My Girl

Shine On Me


All My Hope**

Get it While You Can**

Going’ Home​

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