Bullsheet Charges


I’ve made the mistake of auto-paying one particular bill for way too long.  When I first signed up with these shysters almost a decade ago, my bill was about $130 per month.  That number has crept up to $252.22 as of my most recent bill.  If only my freakin’ salary moved like that!

Have I added services?  No.  And I still have the same ancient equipment that I acquired when I first moved into my current abode — aside from that one time where the modem fried and I had to be home between 8:00am and 4:00pm a week Wednesday in order for somebody to replace it.

Last night, I happened to punch into my online profile and noticed a better plan that was $3 per month cheaper.  I go through the steps to make the change to my account, only to discover something interesting under the heading of “Features.”

$6.95 per month for “Wire Care?”  What the fugack is that?  Do I need it because of the blazing download speeds I’ll be getting on my new plan?

Time for a new Service Provider.  Suggestions welcome — craig@1075daverocks.com.

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