Nine Inch Nails announce tour, but if you want tickets you'll need lineup in person to buy them

Bands are constantly trying to innovate and experiment with new concepts to improve their product.

Nine Inch Nails announced a 2018 tour called Cold And Black And Infinite (no Canadian dates? brutal). In an attempt to beat the scalper bots, the only way to buy tickets is in-person at the box-office.

Tickets for most shows will go on sale on May 19th at the venue’s box-office (May 20th for the Red Rocks show).

The band writes;  “You may actually encounter other actual human beings with similar interests likely wearing black clothing during the process and potentially interact with them.”

I think for some people, that might invoke a warm nostalgia for a bygone era of standing in lines. For the rest of us in Canada, we’ll be buying the tickets from a scalper online anyway.

A few fans have pointed out there are some challenges to this method. I believe that is correct. Battling scalper bots is a hard. It might take some more tinkering to find that happy middle where fans can have access to their favourite bands, convenience, and the bands make money.

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