Big Trouble in Little China's soundtrack to be reissued on vinyl for first time

The 1986 fantasy martial arts film Big Trouble in Little China will have it’s soundtrack reissued for the first time in 30 years. Part of the reissue will feature the OST coming to vinyl for the first time ever.

The movie stars Kurt Russell as Jack Burton. Jack gets roped in to helping his friend Wang Chi rescue his fiancee from super natural wizard bandits in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The fiancee is play by Kim Cattrall and the movie was directed by John Carpenter. At the time, the movie was a commercial flop but has enjoyed a bit of a cult following (I loved the movie as a kid).

Mondo is re-releasing the movie soundtrack for the first time since it’s original release and will have a vinyl pressing to go with it. If you’re at San Diego’s Comicon, there will be a limited edition clear lighting bolt vinyl. The rest of jamokes can go for the red vinyl.

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