Jaden Smith doesn't 'categorize' himself as 'human'

Jaden Smith has finally explained some of his most confusing tweets.

The Icon rapper has been known for tweeting random thoughts that don’t always make a lot of sense but it turns out that he has some deeper meaning to his cryptic tweets.

Huffington Post interviewed Smith and attempted to uncover the real meaning behind some of his tweets.

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The Skate Kitchen star explained a few tweets but he was very confused by others.

The publication asked Smith to explain this tweet from 2013:

“This one comes from a study that a scientist was saying, that the way that the eyes perceive reality is not the way we actually see it,” he explained.

Smith continued: “So, like, we can only see three base colours, but there’s so much more on the electromagnetic spectrum of light that we could see, but our eyes are just not capable of seeing, which brought me to the realization that what we see on an everyday basis is not actually what’s there. It’s actually only what we can take in.”

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Huffington Post asked about this tweet from 2014:

“I really don’t know where my head was at with that one,” he said. “Yeah, I love that one. That was like an abstract painting in the form of words. The visuals that get created in your mind when you say that sentence, I created those visuals in your mind.”

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A recent tweet from Smith had many people confused:

“That’s true!” he said. “Because I’m not gonna be categorized as a human. Oh, humans are supposed to do this or act like this or people are supposed to act like this or people are supposed to be this. I’m my own thing.”

The George Jefferson rapper admitted that the criticism of his Twitter account led him to cut back from using the social media platform to share his random thoughts.

“Yeah it has. That’s a big thing,” he said. “Every once in a while I might go crazy on Twitter and say some crazy stuff, but that has changed my relationship with Twitter and social media.”

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