Semisonic to celebrate their 20th anniversary of their album 'Feeling Strangely Fine'

Minneapolis 90s alterna-rock band Semisonic will be reissuing their signature album, Feeling Strangely Fine, on October 19th. The 20th anniversary edition will be pressed on vinyl for the very first time. The deluxe reissue will come to us on gold vinyl, but there will also be an expanded CD and digital version.

If you were listening to modern rock at any point in the late 90s, then you’d be familiar with the number 1 jam “Closing Time.” Along with “Closing Time,” we’ll also get the other singles “Secret Smile” and “Singing In My Sleep” plus the original album cuts, demos, and the international b-sides that accompanied the singles.

When I started writing songs for the album that would become Feeling Strangely Fine, John Munson and Jake Slichter and I were living in South Minneapolis. I had decided a while back that my best songs were about me and the people I loved or admired and our adventures and troubles, and the new songs really reflected that ideal. I was writing about our lives,” reflects Dan Wilson. “I remember telling Jake I wanted to make a record that had the folk music simplicity of Simon & Garfunkel but also the loudness of U2 and Nirvana. I wasn’t thinking that these songs would become the soundtrack for so many people’s lives. We definitely weren’t thinking that these songs would still be played on the radio 20 years later.”

The package will also include a previously unreleased demo of “Closing Time.”


1) Closing Time
2) Singing in My Sleep
3) Made to Last
4) Never You Mind
5) Secret Smile
6) DND
7) Completely Pleased
8) This Will Be My Year
9) All Worked Out
10) California
11) She Spreads Her Wings
12) Gone to the Movies
13) Long Way from Home
14) I’m a Liar
15) Beautiful Regret
16) Making a Plan

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