Top 8 things to do this fall

Beat the end of summer blues with the best ways to stay warm this fall.

Many tourists come to Ontario during this time of the year to take in all the fall colours and try some of our Canadian traditions. Ontario is home to some of the best apple picking farms and hosts the Cranberry Plunge – a not to be missed fall photo op.

“Winter is coming,” but unlike the popular show, Game of Thrones, Canadians know winter is definitely going to come and how to have fun as it does. Don’t fall into fall, jump into it with the best events and festivals coming up!

  1. Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest (October 5th – October 13th)

Time to pull out the lederhosen, our beloved Oktoberfest is turning 50 this year! Oktoberfest is planning many events and festivities that will be going on around the Tri-Cities all week. Don’t forget to pick up your Oktoberfest pin when you see us at events!

2.  Farmer’s Markets

Celebrate the harvest season with your family at one of the farmer’s markets around KW, so much fresh produce will be available. It’s a great time to teach your little ones where their food comes from. Luckily, one of the best farmer’s markets in Ontario is a quick drive on Highway 7 – the St. Jacob’s Market is home to some of the best Canadian food.

3. Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival (October 5th – October 8th)

This time of year is booming with fall fairs and festivals. If your sad the Cambridge fall Fair is over, don’t miss the Niagara tradition of the Ball’s Falls Thanksgiving Festival. It’s a bit of a drive to the Conservation area but this annual festival hosts over 170 artisans, food vendors and entertainers. You can also pick up VQA wines and local Niagara craft beer at the Farmer’s Market there.

4. Apple Picking at Brantview Apple & Cider Farm

While there are many places to get your apple picking game on this fall, Brantview Farm is a short half hour drive from KW and offers views of the changing tree colours on the way up. This adorable, family run apple orchard hosts 21 varieties of apples, a corn maze, wagon rides, and hard cider for the parents. On your way out they have a small market where you can buy homemade goodies, such as; apple butter BBQ sauce – yum!


5. Haunted Houses September 28 – October 28

Bingeman’s Screampark is promising to be scarier than ever this year with their new theme; the experiment. They’ve created a fresh Screampark that will host 9 terrifying “testing sites.” Gather your courage because there will be no stopping between the haunts – Bingemans is promising to keep you on your heels as you continuously trek through the haunted park.


6. Cranberry Plunge Sept 22 – Oct 21

The cranberry plunge is a special tradition during the fall in Ontario and lives in one of Canada’s most picturesque settings – the Muskoka Lakes are a Bob Ross painting just waiting to happen. Take the fam for a fall road trip to the beautiful Muskoka for a day full of the best cranberries and the best views in Canada. Muskoka Lakes Farm and Wineries is home to the annual cranberry plunge, which brings crowds in from miles away during this time of year. Plunge into the cranberries for an insta-worthy photo and watch as they harvest them.

7. PumpkinInferno Sept 28 – Oct 28

Do Halloween right this year and get lit with your family at PumpkinInferno. Take a walk through 7,000 handcrafted pumpkins all lit up to light your way through a kilometre long path in a 19th-century backdrop. If you need a weekend away this October check out PumpkinInferno near Ottawa. Learn about Canadian history while enjoying one of the best fall events.

8. Harry Potter Marathon

Breakout the crockpot and boil up some stew, as people all over the wizarding world will be preparing for the newest Harry Potter addition – Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Harry Potter fans have long been awaiting Johnny Depp’s arrival into the magical world and it seems they’ve finally found the perfect role for him as dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. First appearing at the end of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them – Depp had fans petrified with excitement! The film is set to be released in muggle theatres November 16! Plan your marathons accordingly!


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