Angela Rummans (Big Brother) Exit Interview

Kolter Bouchard: You had some incredible wins this season, including being the first woman to win Head of Household and Power of Veto at the same time. What are you most proud of?

Angela Rummans: I think that the day I won the veto and hoh was pretty amazing. Having two wins on one day was amazing and it was a memory I will never forget in the big brother house.

You were also the first houseguest this season to win Head of Household two weeks in a row. What lessons did you learn the first time and how did you implement them afterwards?

It wasn’t two weeks in a row. I was the first houseguest to win HOH for a second time. The second time was a lot easier. The first time I had to navigate the hacker thing so the second time I knew exactly what move I wanted to make. My mission was to break up Hayleigh and Fessy and I got him out. I learned to have a target, win the veto and don’t stray away from your goals. Set your sights on what you want to do and accomplish it.

Setting aside your eviction, do you feel like luck has been on your side? After all, you survived 13 weeks without facing eviction, tying a series record.

I definitely think luck was on my side. Not only luck but I had a really solid alliance. You win this game by strategy and luck You need both.

What was your biggest strength going into the competition and what have you learned about yourself this season?

I think my biggest strength coming into this game was there is so much nerve you experience going into these comps so the fact that I was professional athlete helped me stay extremely calm I high stress situations. I also own a business so I am extremely well spoken. I think both of those things were assets and strengths I could draw from coming in.

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