Waterloo election 2018: Where, when and how to vote — and who’s running

We are now less than two weeks away from electing mayors, school boards and regional and town councils throughout Waterloo region.

In some municipalities, online voting has already opened while polls will officially be open on Oct. 22 at 10 a.m. and close at 8 p.m the same day.

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Information courtesy of the Region of Waterloo, cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. Check out the municipal websites for further information.

Where and when do I vote?

As we approach the election, Waterloo residents will receive voter information cards that will tell you where to cast your ballot. Each city and town will have a list of voting locations on their websites.

North Dumfries, Woolwich and Wellesley will only offer online and telephone voting in this election.

How do I vote in advance?

Advanced online voting is now underway in Cambridge, North Dumfries, Wellesley and Woolwich.

In addition, between Oct. 10 and 13, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Wilmot will offer constituents an opportunity to cast their vote in advance of the election. Check your municipality’s website for where and when you can do so.

Who can vote in the election?

To vote in the Oct. 22 election, one must be a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years of age, a resident or tenant of land of the municipality where you will vote, or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant. You must also not be legally prohibited from voting.

You cannot vote if you are in prison, are a corporation, or are acting as executor or trustee or in any other representative capacity, except as a voting proxy.

Where is my ward?

Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Wilmot all offer the option to discover where and when to vote on their websites.

Where can I see the results on Oct. 22?

Globalnews.ca will offer the results on its website as they come in as will each of the municipalities.

List of candidates for councils and school boards throughout Waterloo Region:

Candidates for Waterloo Region

Regional Chair

Jan d’Ailly

Karen Redman

Robert Deutschmann

Jay Aissa


Regional Councillors

Cambridge (Elect 2)

Karl Kiefer (Incumbent)

Jeffrey Shaver

Helen Jowett (Incumbent)

Rob Brunette

John Florence

Kitchener (Elect 4)

Elizabeth Clarke  (Incumbent)

Tom Galloway  (Incumbent)

Michael D. Harris

Tom Hiller

Jason House

Geoff Lorentz (Incumbent)

Ted Martin

Fauzia Mazhar

Kari Williams

Waterloo (Elect 2)

(Robert) Bob Oberholtzer

Jim Erb

Jane Mitchell (Incumbent)

Sean Strickland (Incumbent)

Beisan Zubi

City of Cambridge


Doug Craig (Incumbent)

Randy Carter

Kathryn McGarry

Colin Tucker

Ben Tucci

Ward 1

Kevin Hiebert

Ryan O’Hagan

Clifford Vanclief

Donna Reid (Incumbent)

Peter Crystal

Stewart Allan

Cliff Eggleton

Ward 2

Mike Devine (Incumbent)

Janice Lajeunesse

Jeff Richardson

Jaanus Kimsto

Jay Edward Brown

Ward 3

Michael Mann (Incumbent)

Tracy Hipel

Patricia Bercowski

Ward 4

Gary Price

Jan Liggett (Incumbent)

Edwin Friest

Ward 5

Pam Wolf (Incumbent)

Bill Kirby

Brett Wagner

Ward 6

Shannon Adshade (Incumbent)

Kurt L. Ditner

Peter Renco

Stephen Davis

Sandy Falkiner

Ward 7

Frank Monteiroe (Incumbent)

Ryan Coles

Connie Cody

Cody Botelho

Ward 8

Nicholas Ermeta (Incumbent)

Kenneth R. Bartlett

Carla Johnson

City of Kitchener


Jiri Marek

Narine Dat Sookram

Myron Daniel Steinman

Berry Vrbanovic (incumbent)

Ward 1

Scott Davey (Incumbent)

Marcus Drasdo

Aasia Khatoon

Susan Stark

Stephanie Stretch

Ward 2

Suresh Arangath

Regan Sunshine Brusse

Dave Schnider (Incumbent)

Fitzroy Vanderpool

Ward 3

John Gazzola (Incumbent)

James Howe

Paras Solanski

Robert Souliere

Ward 4

Florence Carbray

Julie Batista Geary

Wes Hill

Christine Michaud

Upneet (Sasha) Sidhu

Ward 5

Aizad Ahmad

Andres Fuentes

Kelly Galloway-Sealock (Incumbent)

Sonal Pandya

Ward 6

Narendra Grover

Paul Singh (Incumbent)

Ward 7

Hanna Domagala

Bil Ioannidis (Incumbent)

Dharmesh Patel

Ward 8

James Raymond Baskin

Zyg Janecki (Incumbent)

Margaret Johnston

Ward 9

Melissa Bowman

Debbie Chapman

Tia Rebecca Driver

Philip Molto

Steve Strohack

Ward 10

Sarah Marsh (Incumbent)

Peter Meier

Township of North Dumfries


Sue Foxton (Incumbent)

Martin Harrison

Ward 1

Rodney Rolleman (Acclaimed) (Incumbent)

Ward 2

Sheila Harrison

Derrick Ostner (Incumbent)

Ward 3

Paul H. Cabral

John Clarke

Margaret McCreery

Ward 4

Pamela Gillespie

Neil Martin Ritchie (Incumbent)

Dawna Ward

City of Waterloo


Dave Jaworsky (Incumbent)

Kelly Steiss

Chris Kolednik

Ward 1

Sandra Hanmer

Adam McCarthy

Robert Parent

Xia (Leia) Lei

Rainer Neufeld

Ward 2

Royce Bodaly

Janice Moore

Xin Tan

John Arthur McCarthy

Ward 3

Angela Vieth (Incumbent)

Kim Eckel

Ward 4

Diane Lynn Freeman (Incumbent)

Liangan Yin

Ward 5

Jen Vasic

Mark Whaley (Incumbent)

Ward 6

Jeff Henry (Incumbent)

William Hodgins

Oliver Campbell

Ward 7

Devon McKenzie

Rami Said

Tenille Bonoguore

Carol Parsons

Elizabeth Sproule

Township of Wellesley


Joe Nowak (Incumbent)

Bernia Wheaton

Ward 1

Shelley Wagner (Acclaimed)

Ward 2

Herb Neher (Incumbent)

Mark Witmer

Ward 3

Peter van der Maas (Incumbent)

Joyce Barker

Grant Kingsbury

Philip Morris

Ward 4

Carl Smit (Acclaimed) (Incumbent)

Township of Wilmot


Les Armstrong (Incumbent)

John Jordan

Ward 1

Angie Hallman

Rose Mailloux

Ward 2

Cheryl Gordijk (Acclaimed)

Ward 3

Kris Badrinarayan

Barry Fisher (Incumbent)

Elliot Fung

Sharon MacKenzie

Ward 4  (2 to be elected)

Jeff Gerber (Incumbent)

Steven Martin

Mark Murray (Incumbent)

Jennifer Pfenning

Township of Woolwich


Sandy Shantz (Acclaimed) (incumbent)

Ward 1  (2 to be elected)

Julie-Anne Herteis (incumbent)

Scott McMillan

Patrick Merlihan (incumbent)

Ward 2

Fred Redekop

Eric Schwindt

Ward 3 (2 to be elected)

Murray Martin  (Acclaimed) (incumbent)

Larry Shantz  (Acclaimed) (incumbent)


Waterloo Region District School Board

Cambridge / North Dumfries (3)

Jayne Herring

Courtney Waterfall

Eian Campbell

William G. Schneider

Crystal Whetham

Cindy Watson (incumbent)

John J. Dideczek

Cam Stewart

Kemesha Alli

Cassandra Eagles

Kitchener (4 to be elected)

Samantha Estoesta

Xiaoming Guo

Brent Hutzal

Rehman-Ullah Khan

David Kuhn

Mike Ramsay (incumbent)

Kathi Smith (incumbent)

Laurie Tremble

Brandon Van Dam

Natalie Waddell (incumbent)

Joanne Weston

Waterloo/Wilmot (3 to be elected)

Samir Alazzam

Matthew Donovan

Kathleen Woodcock (incumbent)

Zhengwei Bai

Scott Piatkowski

Jason Erb

Martha Kozub

Carol Millar (incumbent)

John Hendry (incumbent)

Richard Pfeifle


Karen Meissner (Acclaimed)


Waterloo Catholic District School Board

Cambridge / North Dumfries (3 to be elected)

Bill Conway

Wendy Price

Manuel da Silva

Brian Quigley

Kitchener/Wilmot (4 to be elected)

Kevin Dupuis

Michael Lannan

Greg Reitzel

Brian Schmalz

Tracey Weiler

Waterloo/Woolwich/Wellesley (2 to be elected)

Melanie Van Alphen (Acclaimed)

Jeanne Gravelle (Acclaimed)

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