Random stranger keeps leaving urine-soaked bags of bologna, bread at woman’s doorstep

A random stranger keeps leaving pee-soaked grocery bags of bologna and sliced bread on a New Mexico woman’s door, baffling the mother and creeping out her neighbours.

Since the start of the year, Sharisha Morrison said a man — who she does not know — keeps dropping off bags of the deli meat and some bread on the front door of her Albuquerque home.

“He’ll always walk up from this direction, and he’ll just walk up and drop it on the little doorknob and walk away, every single time that’s all he does,” Morrison explained to KOB4 News. “I’m worried more than anything.”

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Morrison said her neighbour was also getting the strange food delivery, creeping the family out to the point where they have decided to move.

“They’re actually moving out because they’re tired of it,” Morrison told the news outlet.

The woman decided to set up a security camera to capture the man on video.

“The first time it was two pieces of bologna and four pieces of bread,” Morrison said. “The second time it was six or eight pieces of bread and four pieces of bologna.”

The next delivery from the mystery meat man made the woman retch.

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“I just picked it up and smelled it, and I saw myself on camera too, and I was like “Ugghhhh,’” Morrison said. “I threw it down, it smelled like urine.”

In the past, she has left notes for the man, telling him to stop the harassment. She told the news station she called police, but authorities said there wasn’t much they could do unless they caught the stranger in the act.

“I just want it to stop because I have my baby, you know, and I don’t want some random guy just creeping around my apartment,” Morrison said. “Also, I don’t want anything more to be in there, like, is it going to be feces next time instead of urine?”

The meat mystery continues.

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