Blasting hip-hop at cheese as you make it gives it the strongest flavours in terms of smell and taste

Food scientists put together a bizarre and fun experiment. While making Emmental, Swiss cheese maker Beat Wampfler, with researchers from Bern University of Arts, exposed 9 giants wheels of cheese to different types and styles of music. Then they had food tasters compare the tasting notes of the different cheeses.

The wheels of cheese were exposed to music 24-hours a day. The researched blasted the hip-hop jam “Jazz (We’ve Got)” by A Tribe Called Quest, the rock cheese got Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” classical cheese was played Mozart’s “Magic Flute.”

There was also the rave cheese getting Vril’s “UV” and a dark ambient cheese received Yello’s “Monolith.

Three wheels were exposed to low, medium and high frequencies and three other wheels were left alone. Then the researches tasted the different cheeses and compared the flavours.

According to reports from Reuters, Bern University of Arts researchers said; “the most obvious differences were observed in strength of flavor, smell and taste. The hip hop sample topped the list of all cheese exposed to music in terms of fruitiness…(it) was the strongest of these in terms of smell and taste.”

Instead of using loud speakers, the researchers mini-transmitters to but the energy right into the cheeses. The experiment now will focus on hip-hop with the cheesemaker blasting different hip-hop songs at the cheese.


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