Repairman went on a magic carpet ride after coming in contact with LSD left in a vintage synth

KPIX San Francisco has a story of an engineer at their TV station who had an interesting encounter with an old counter-culture drug.

Eliot Curtis was restoring a vintage Buchla model 100 modular synthesizer from the 60s. When he busted in to it, there was some sort of chemical residue inside. He used his fingers to get it clean and then noticed he was getting high. For the next 9 hours he experienced all the trips of an LSD or acid high.

“It was … felt like I was tripping on LSD,” remarked Curtis.

After his adventure, he had the residue tested and it was lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD.

The instrument was invented by Don Buchla of Berkeley. He was right in the middle of the San Francisco 60s counter-culture and friend’s with the Grateful Dead’s sound engineer. A man known for manufacturing LSD. How the LSD ending up in the vintage analog modular synth, no one knows. It does turn out that LSD, stored in a dry, cool place can remain potent for 50 years, and you can get high from handling it. Neat.

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