British Rock Band Royal Blood Flips Off Crowd And Storms Off Stage

British rock band Royal Blood couldn’t stomach their lukewarm reception at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

The duo’s frontman, Mike Kerr, let the audience know that their unenthusiastic reaction to their performance was setting him off.

Kerr stopped during his performance to air out his growing tensions towards the crowd’s lack of excitement.

“I guess I should introduce ourselves, seeing as no one actually knows who we are. We’re called Royal Blood, and this is rock music. Who likes rock music?” he fiercely asked the crowd and expressed further disappointment at the “nine people” who responded.

“We’re having to clap ourselves because that was so pathetic,” he continued roasting the audience. “Will you clap for us. You’re busy. Can you clap? Yes, even he’s clapping, what does that say about you?” he asked someone who was off the stage.

Kerr’s extreme frustration peaked as he resorted to flipping off the audience in defiance and frustration.

The backlash from within the music industry erupted towards Royal Blood’s on-stage tantrum, with singer V V Brown tweeting that the band should “never be entitled” and that they’re “not curing cancer mate.”

English band Lottery’s Twitter account also reprimanded the band for their outburst, reminding them that “some gigs are tough and you have to win over the crowd, but this is exactly NOT how to react.”

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