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Are you a Local Business considering Radio advertising?


At Corus Radio Guelph-Kitchener, we’re passionate about three things; our community, local businesses and Radio!

Our team of Integrated Account Managers are committed to developing solutions as unique as each business we work with.

And we don’t do it alone! You’ll have an entire team working with you to uncover your business needs, create an effective commercial schedule, generate award winning creative and more!

Maybe you want to give away a product or service? We can do that.

Maybe you only want to advertise on one of our social feeds? We can do that.

Maybe you have multiple locations across Ontario? We can do that too. Integrated Account Managers not only represent Corus Radio Guelph-Kitchener but they can work with you on digital and social campaigns, Global and specialty television campaigns and more! Please follow this link for details on the Corus Portfolio.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work for you, please reach out to a member of our team today and keep reading below for Research, Creative, Testimonials and more!

Corus Radio Guelph-Kitchener Integrated Account Managers:


Jessica Quackenbush; Sales Manager

Chad Bisch;

Colin McGroarty;

Dwayne Orth;

Pauline Poole;


The following links outline the strength and validity of Radio in todays’ climate.

Please call us for more information on how effective a Radio campaign can be for your business!



We believe in impactful, meaningful Creative and work with each client to ensure their creative is representative of their brand, attention grabbing and relevant!

Oh; you want to hear some examples? No problem! Please listen to some Guelph-Kitchener examples here and click the Corus Creative link to see and hear even more (Because we do digital, television and video creative too!)


‘The significance of strong digital campaigns has increased the need of rounding out media mix inside local markets. Our use of radio to reinforce and provide more depth to our campaigns continues to be a required piece to our success.  Nothing beats the firsthand accounts and commentary to drive consumers to our products.  Over the past 15 years the Corus team continuously emulates the spirit of partnership in helping us reach our objectives, providing more horsepower to our marketing team.’

Mark Bingeman; President Bingeman’s

‘I heard one of our ads this morning and this evening on my way to and from work.  They were great!
Thanks again for working with me to have these ads come together on your stations.’

Muriel Vandepol
Local Coordinator
Ontario Nurses Association Local 15

DID YOU KNOW? We can work with you to create a :15sec video for digital/social? Once produced it’s all yours to use when and where you see fit!

Please ask us how!