Float for Dreams – Bathing Suit Challenge!

Bathing Suit Challenge

About this Project:Float for Dreams is a one-of-a-kind team-based fundraising adventure in support of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada. Teams will float down the Grand River on June 22nd  encountering challenges, games and activities.
This year, our goal is to raise $100,000 which will ensure dreams like swimming with dolphins, meeting Belle at Disney, and visiting Pearl Harbour will come true. BUT in order to reach our goal, we need lots of participants. This is where you come in!
Video Goal:We challenge you to be brave (and have a ‘floatload’ of fun) by wearing your bathing suit on top of your clothes while in a public space.

Let your video followers know why you’re wearing bathing suit over your clothes

Challenge others to wear their bathing suit on top of their clothes

Encourage others to participate in Float for Dreams too by signing up or donating.
This will help:1 –Grab people’s attention and get them talking. Curious people will ask you questions and you can share details about the event. 2 –Challenge others. This is your chance to see how brave your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours will be. Will they dress up? Will they join your team? Will they donate? 3 –Fundraise. Ask your followers to donate! Your video can help make more dreams come true. 4 -Have fun! Float for Dreams isn’t a serious event. We want you to rock your floats this year and get excited about the weeks leading up to the big day!


Video Outline:

Picture this:

Walking into work wearing your swim trunks over your uniform pants with a float tube around your waist, a towel over your shoulder and pink water wings bulking out your arms.


You’re pushing your grocery cart around the store on a busy Saturday morning while sporting a bikini on top of your comfy weekend clothes.
Then all you have to do is capture it on video, share it on your social media, and tag people who you want to challenge next.

Here’s exactly how you do it:

1) Find a friend to shoot the video for you or use a selfie stick/tripod.

2) Hop into your bathing suit and add some fun accessories

3) Shoot a brief video of your outfit and explain a bit about what you’re doing.

Sample script:

“Hi, I’m and I’m in Sunshine Float for Dreams on
June 22nd to change the lives of kids living with disabilities.
I challenge to wear your swim gear on top of your clothes and share a video
on your
Join my Float for Dreams team this summer or donate at

4) Post your video to your social media. Make sure you tag @SunshineFound and
the person you’re challenging next!