Novel Attire: Chapter 2 – still not your usual fashion show

When someone who’s never seen a fashion show
decides to run one, anything can happen.

Novel Attire combines fashion, story-telling, music, education, and laughs in an interactive production that

features local small businesses.

Familiar stories are re-told, usually with a twist. Add in a game show segment, an auction, a pop-up

market, and a touch of mischief, and you’ve got the right flavour.

It’s also raising money for a home-grown charity – 

Join us for “fun, fashion, and perhaps a hint of madness.”

Tickets $20 each ($10 of that is donated to

Tickets available at:

Words Worth Books in Waterloo
Auburn Vintage Clothiers in Conestogo
September Lily in Waterloo
Inspired Esthetics in Elmira
online at